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These are some of the 3D and 2D animation characters that will deliver your message in multi languages!


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Here are some of the different characters we have created, at the moment during this promotional period there is no extra charge for 3D OR Human Animations. They are all $197 per site, unless ordering for 2 sites at the same time in which case we can offer you a special price of $297 for 2 sites. If you need more than 2, then please contact us for better rates. You can have a script up to 2 minutes maximum.

Custom Video Creatives

If you would like to see what a mock up would look like on your website before purchasing, please send us your website address and the script you would like to use and the ref set of character you would like to see, send details to

If you are in a service sector, such as Restaurants, and you would like to offer discounts and special offers when you have weekday “quiet nights” (or really any time) you might want to take advantage of our monthly “Done For You Offers”  Like say if Tuesday nights are normally quiet, why not offer a special discount for those nights/days? 10 or 20% off?  We will provide a done for you service of weekly updating your Avatar to a max of 4 times per month on the day/night of your choice, with any special offers that you might want to run.  This would be available at  $297 per month, cancel at any time. If you wish to take advantage of this generous offer please email us with  $297 special promotional offer in the subject line.

Below the Avatars you will see a selection of 3D Logos and Intros.

3D Animations

Where an image says click me it will show you a brief example.

3D Set 1 Click Me

click me
3D Set 2  Click Me


3D Set 3     Click Me                                                              3D Set 4   Click Me

3D Set 5                                                                                  3D Set 6

3D Set 7                                                                                   3D Set 8

2D Animations

2D Set 1                                                                                     2D Set 2

2D Set 3                                                                                   2D Set 4

2D Set 5                                                                                 2D Set 6

2D Set 7                                                                                  2D Set 8

Human Animations

Human 1                                                                             Human 2

Human 3                                                                            Human 4

Human 5                                                                            Human 6

Human 7                                                                               Human 8

Human 9                                                                              Human 10

If you wanted to record yourself in 30 to 60 sec, you can do by using green screen technology (basically just means recording yourself with preferably a plain green or white background)

Buy 1 Avatar for $197

Buy 2 Avatars for $297  (Limited Time Offer)

3D Logos

$47 3D Logos

3D Logos